How to Wash 'Dry-Clean Only' Clothes at Home

There are times when you’re going to need to dry clean something at home. Here’s how to do it!

You just bought this AMAZING new sweater. It's soft, sturdy; fits like a glove. You go to wash it and realize it's "dry-clean only". HUGE bummer! Not any longer. Sure, the label on your sweater might say “dry-clean only,” but there is some wiggle room. The instructions on the tag of your garments aren't necessarily the only way to clean an item, but instead a way for manufacturers to avoid getting blamed for damage when instructions aren't followed. While this may be true, it also depends on the type of garment and the fabric. Below are some simple guidelines to follow:

• Unlined, simply constructed, cotton, silk, linen, polyester: Can be washed by hand or in a washing machine using cold water • Suits, pleated skirts, delicate synthetics (rayon), silk, wool, leather, suede: You may need to dry clean if the item means a lot to you! Structured coats and suit jackets may have layers of interfacing that can be ruined by water.

How to wash dry-clean only clothes in the washer: 1.) Apply stain remover to the stained area while it's dry. (if piece is stained) 2.) Place item in a mesh bag 3.) Use a gentle laundry soap 4.) Use the Express Cycle on your washing machine. 5.) Hang the item to dry (or lay flat) 6.) To remove any wrinkles, use a steamer If you decide to give it a try and wash the "dry clean only item", you may want to invest in a mesh laundry bag. This will help prevent the fabric from snagging on anything! The gamechanger comes in the drying department. The dryer is what causes the garments the most damage. If you choose to wash your dryclean items, make sure to lay them out to dry, DO NOT dry these items. These fabrics are more likely to shrink in the dryer.

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